Rives Granade
born Mobile, AL

Solo Exhibitions:

Dream Bird, Beyond Sound, Beyond Time, Ochi Gallery, Ketchum, ID

Rainbows Inhale, Ochi Projects, Los Angeles, CA

Red Poem, Ochi Projects, Los Angeles, CA

Mancave, Duncan Miller Project Space, Santa Monica, CA
Special Feature, Marine Contemporary, Venice, CA

Love Force, Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA

Group Exhibitions:

Condo Complex (Besant Lodge Paintings), Galleria Karen Huber, CDMX, Mexico

Soft Pretzel, Vacation, New York, NY
Does It Make a Sound, Ochi Gallery, Ketchum, ID
Circle of Truth, New Museum, Los Gatos, CA
Combat Shock, Soso Grotto, Los Angeles, CA
Swiss Performance Now (collaboration with Yves Scherer), Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland

Art Athina, with Ochi Projects, Athens, Greece
Untitled San Francisco, with Ochi Projects, San Francisco, CA
Squig Alert, Cordessa Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

Please Have Enough Acid in the Dish, M+B, Los Angeles, CA curated by Vinny Dotolo
Flat Foldability, Harmony Murphy Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Here There Be Tigers, Gallery Lara, Tokyo, Japan curated by Kio Griffith
My Self Is Another, Underground Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Salon No. 9, Marine Contemporary Salon, Venice, CA

Coming Together, Fabien Fryns Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

Metallic, PØST, Pasadena, CA curated by Daniel Aksten
Chain Letter, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Brann, Kino Kino Centre for Art and Film, Sandnes, Norway

Boom, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA

19th Nervous Breakdown, Norte Maar, Brooklyn, NY curated by Elliot Lessing 
Salon #2, Marine Contemporary, Venice, CA 

Steven Wolf Fine Arts at Aqua Art Miami, Aqua Hotel, Miami, FL 
Valuemax, Seven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA
Lace Value, Work Sound, Portland, OR 
Post-Boomers and the New South, Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, AL 
Wilderness, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, CA  curated by Ben Echeveria
Athens Video Art Festival, Technopolis, Athens, Greece  

Fun Time, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA  
Bay Area Artists Contemplate the African Diaspora, SF Arts Gallery and SF Public Library, San Francisco, CA
Presence and Pretense, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Migration, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA  
Contemplating Inappropriateness, Crucible Steel Gallery, San Francisco, CA curated by Andrew Rottner
Figure Head - Figure Caster, Catchi Art, San Francisco, CA